We stock a range of ceiling trims which provides the perfect jointing solution for your drylined wall

Suspended Ceiling Trims

Our range of ceiling trims provides the perfect jointing solution for wall to ceiling junctions.

Smiths PRO-trim supplies a broad range of ceiling profiles which are fixed around the perimeter of a room to the desired ceiling height. While our product range includes trims for typical applications, we also offer products that allow concealment blinds and shade housings.

Perfect Finish

Manufactured from architectural grade aluminium (6063), the variety of our product range ensures that there is a perfect solution for your installation.Our range includes a non-ferrous ceiling grid system that finds use in non-magnetic applications such as MRI suites and in elevated temperature environments such as server rooms. We also provide box trims that offer added functionality when combined with other profiles in our product range, combining two individual products into a 'composite trim'.

Quality you can expect

We manufacture our products to the highest possible quality standards and use 6063 aluminium alloy as standard. The alloy, which we supply in the T6 temper, provides medium strength with good corrosion resistance and leaves a clean, elegant finish. You will benefit from accurate jointing, which minimises the risk of settlement cracking or drop out in the jointing compound. Dryline wall installations are often messy and time-consuming, and our products help to simplify the finishing process.


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Smiths PRO-trim At Smiths PRO-trim we focus on producing the most aesthetic, versatile and practical range of tile and drylining trims available.

As an integral part of Smiths Building Systems, we are backed by our parent company, Smiths Metal Centres Limited, who are one of Europe's leading stockholders of non-ferrous engineering materials and high-performance plastics. We capitalise on our unrivalled expertise in stockholding and distribution to offer a fast and reliable response to all your requirements, whatever the size and complexity of your enquiry.

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