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Smiths PRO-office specialises in supplying partition wall and door systems to the office fit-out market.

Smiths PRO-trim is a stockist and supplier of tile trim and dryline wall trim products. Our extensive stock is available via our UK wide distribution network. We welcome order enquiries from merchants and showroom businesses.

Corner accessories

3-Way Tile Corner Trims

We have developed a range of corner accessories for some of our products to improve the look and feel of your installation.

Our continuing research and development (R & D) has highlighted that the creation of accurate mitres can be very time consuming to achieve a professional finish.

To counter this, we offer a range of accessories to improve your installation's look and feel.

Corner Accessories

The design of PRO-cubic and PRO-smooth makes the production of accurate mitres very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve a high-quality, aesthetic finish without the use of our corner accessories. Our accessories are highly effective when adjoining three trims onto the outside corner of a box-work void or half-height stud partition. Our accessories allow you to cut at 90 degrees and install a specially shaped and designed piece to transition around a corner and accept a vertical trim - all at the same time.

Shower & Bath Trim Accessories
PRO-gap, being hollow in construction will leave an unsightly end finish, if not for our end caps. The specially profiled product covers the end of your trim in a matching décor. We have also designed a 90-degree angle, to save the need to mitre your PRO-gap as you apply it to your bath or shower tray.

Skirting Accessories

We manufacture most of our skirting range (excluding PRO-sharp) with a void to the rear which serves as a useful cable management solution. However, this feature does cause issues for corners and ends. We produce a range of corner and end cap accessories to complement our skirting range covering all heights and décors. The solution eliminates the need to mitre your aluminium skirting - just cut at 90-degrees, allowing for the dimensions of your chosen accessory.

Discover More

Our range of corner accessories leave you with the perfect installation and an unrivalled finish.

Our accessories are available for the majority of our product range in different heights and décors.

We offer you the capbility to provide genuine bespoke supply options for your tile trims. To discover more, please click here.

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