Smiths Building Systems

Smiths Building Systems consists of two primary businesses - Smiths PRO-office and Smiths-PRO-trim.

We are part of the Smiths Metal Centres Group, one of the UK's leading stockholders of engineering raw materials who specialise in the supply of non-ferrous alloys and engineering plastics.

Discover the Benefits

Your problem, our solution

We resolve your supply chain issues with innovative solutions on a bespoke basis

Understand the benefits of utilising our bespoke supply services and how we positively impact your supply chain.

Whether you purchase office partitions or tile trims from us, you will benefit directly from the services and procedures we create, which are tailored specifically to your business.

Your Problem Our Solution

Disjointed supplier chain
One single streamlined supplier

Slow, inaccurate information
Total supply chain visibility 24/7. No additional software required.
Complex / poorly formatted reporting & feedback
Easy access to online portal using your own part numbers
Proof of deliveries which take days to be retrieved from paper archives
Online access to electronic documentation or via instant email
Poor supplier forecasting based on best guess
Accurate forecasting utilising demand analysis, algorithms and experiences from the real world
Factory downtime caused by unexpected stock shortages
High certainty of stock availability
Bloated balance sheet due to excess stock inventory
We manage your stock for call off on a JIT basis with the option of lineside delivery
Slow time consuming ordering processes
Fast, accurate, ordering via online portal
Slow, inefficient processes and procedures
Streamlined systems that feed into lean manufacturing operations
Multiple invoices with increased administration costs
Single daily, weekly or monthly consolidated invoice

Key Features

A bespoke supply solutions from Smiths Building Systems can be anything you want it to be. We can manage the entire process or simply implement basic solutions such as using your own part numbers and labelling.

By getting to understand your business, we will seamlessly implement supply chain solutions which will have a significant impact on supply chain performance.

We manage the through costs of your business to make you supply chain more cost-effective. Our services improve profitability and performance.

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