Utilising I-Line and Clip-Line will improve the look of your glass wall partitioning system

Improve your Aesthetics

I-Line® dry joints are designed and manufactured to allow an outstanding clear, slim and flush joint between glass panels, particularly in frameless partitioning systems.

Made from clear PETG and laminated with a transparent acrylic adhesive tape on the connecting faces, successful use of our products demands that glass sheets are aligned accurately and as vertical as possible relative to one another before joining. A solid bond to the glass is achieved by careful manufacture and preparation of the glass and applying as much initial joining force as possible.

Best Practice:

  • Glass sheets must be polished, with an arris or chamfer detail of 1.6mm minimum.

  • The surfaces to be joined must be clean and dry.

  • We recommend the use of an adhesion promoter or primer to enhance strength.

  • Freedom from grease, dust and moisture on the glass edges is essential. Temperature variation should be avoided as this can lead to the development of a condensationlayer, particularly in ‘new build’ fit-outs when high moisture levels are present. The glass and joints should be equalised to room temperature 24 hrs before fitting.

  • Before fitting the joint, each following glass panels should be placed side by side to check for bow and swapped for a flush panel where necessary.

  • All glass sheets must be well supported so that the joining edges are very well aligned.

  • The second glass sheet should be offered up to the first, then fully supported and slid into final position before removing the protective liner from the tape. Once happy with the alignment, ease back the second glass, remove the protective liner, and slide the glass back into its correct place.

  • The pressure-sensitive nature of the adhesive tape requires that the joints be pressed together as strongly as possible (ideally 20N/cm) in any given situation. The use of ratchet straps/suckers will aid this process.

  • The ideal tape application range is 21°C to 38°C. Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures below 10°C is not recommended as the adhesive becomes too firm.

  • As with all pressure-sensitive adhesive systems, the bond strength increases with time and approaches its ultimate value after 72 hours at 21°C.

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