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Smiths PRO-office specialises in supplying partition wall and door systems to the office fit-out market.

Smiths PRO-trim is a stockist and supplier of tile trim and dryline wall trim products. Our extensive stock is available via our UK wide distribution network. We welcome order enquiries from merchants and showroom businesses.

I-Line® Inline 135° Joints

Inline Glass to Glass Seals

Glass to glass seals for continuous glass walls

We provide a range of 135° inline joints in two variants which we supply in 3000mm lengths. Our standard stock range includes a clear finish, although customised colours are available on request.

As our profiles include self-adhesive tape, this negates the need for silicon to complete the installation; this results in quicker installation times without creating an unnecessary mess. All product sizes are supplied directly from stock from our facility in Tipton in the West Midlands.

135° 2-Way Joint

The profile is robust and designed to protect the ends of the glass, creating a faceted look without having to mitre the glass panel. The jointing product is used with straight 90° cut glass and is supplied to suit glass thicknesses from 10mm to 12.8mm. The product includes high strength self-adhesive tape pre-installed, making installation quick & clean.

135° Mitred 2-Way Joint

The I-Line dry jointing product is similar to our 2-way product but designed for mitred glass. Again, the profile creates a faceted glazed installation which results in a sleek and more streamlined finish. The gasket caters for glass thicknesses from 10mm to 12.8mm.

Supply Options:

Glass thickness range -10mm, 10.8mm, 12mm and 12.8mm. Finish -clear glass as standard.

Glass thickness range - 10mm, 10.8mm, 12mm and 12.8mm. Finish - clear glass as standard.

Custom colours are available on request.

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