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Smiths PRO-office specialises in supplying partition wall and door systems to the office fit-out market.

Smiths PRO-trim is a stockist and supplier of tile trim and dryline wall trim products. Our extensive stock is available via our UK wide distribution network. We welcome order enquiries from merchants and showroom businesses.

I-Line® Abutment Joints

Abutment Joint Range

Glass to Glass Jointing Products

Our abutment joint design allows installers to achieve a flawless finish when dry jointing glass at a 90° angle.

As with all our glazing gaskets in the I-Line range, abutment joints create the perfect aesthetic finish without compromising performance. As a dry jointing system, there is no need for messy silicone to complete the installation. We offer two abutment joints in our product range.

90° Abutment Joint

The product is designed for utilisation in the construction of a 'T' shaped Joint when spurring off a glass wall from another glass wall and serves as an ideal glass to glass jointing solution. The abutment joint accommodates glass thicknesses from 10mm to 12.8mm with availability in clear and black finishes.

90° 3 Way Joint

The 'T' shaped profile allows you to transition from a straight in-line type installation (two glass panels) to a three-way installation using three panes of glass. The product enables you to create glass office walls without any aluminium posts between the glass. Simply attach the glass panels directly to the gasket resulting in a much sleeker and seamless finish, improving overall aesthetics. Our 90° 3 Way Joint caters for glass sizes ranging from 10mm to 12.8mm and is only available in a clear finish.


Not only do our products provide you with a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish - I-Line is entirely recyclable. As a leading supplier of partitioning wall systems and doors, Smiths Building Systems delivers turnkey services for office fit-out companies, and our I-LineĀ® serves as a welcome complement to our range.

Supply Options:

The product is suitable for 10mm, 10.8mm, 12mm & 12.8mm glass thicknesses and supplied in a clear or black finish.

The product caters for 10mm, 10.8mm, 12mm and 12.8mm glass thicknesses, supplied in a clear finish.

I-Line abutment joints are available to customers from stock.

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