Our range of bespoke services include curving, fabrication and general metalwork

Bespoke Options

While our standard trims product range will typically suffice, we recognise that customers require bespoke options from time to time.

Our customers sometimes have particular product needs, and in some instances, our standard trim range doesn't quite suit the job in hand. We offer a range of bespoke services to cater for most eventualities.


We offer the ability to produce trims which we curve to your specification, which are available in 'toe in' or 'toe out'. We also offer concave and concave curving for specialist jobs. We supply to exact lengths or oversized so that on-site adjustment is possible.


We provide a fabrication service for unusual and niche requests. For example, we may use a box trim as a spine to join two other trims in our range to create a 'composite trim'. Composite trims represent a cost-effective solution, especially with hard to extrude or low volume enquiries. Where applicable, we also provide the ability to produce specially fabricated trims to suit your exact requirements if this is deemed viable from a cost and practicability perspective.


Modern design cannot always be achieved with standard, off the shelf solutions. We, therefore, provide pressed metalworking options in aluminium, zintec and mild steel up to 3000mm long and from 0.9mm to 6mm thicknesses.

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