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Smiths PRO-office specialises in supplying partition wall and door systems to the office fit-out market.

Smiths PRO-trim is a stockist and supplier of tile trim and dryline wall trim products. Our extensive stock is available via our UK wide distribution network. We welcome order enquiries from merchants and showroom businesses.

Pro-bord flat

Tile Border Trims

PRO-bord flat is available in four different widths to meet your specific requirements.

PRO-bord flat is a tile trim which finds use as an alternative to ceramic borders or listello tiles.

The profile is supplied as an aesthetic aluminium strip to complement or contrast with your choice of tile, adding to your living area's style. With its unique colour alternatives, it serves as a perfect complement to your choice of wall tiles.

PRO-bord flat is available in four different widths in aluminium and three different widths in stainless steel. Our listellos are incredibly versatile and can be used to transition between your tiles, striking a feature line around your room in a single tile décor installation, or as a decorative strip at the top and bottom of your ceramic borders. Our product frames the existing feature and gives it more prominence.

Modern Design

The design of PRO-bord flat listello is in keeping with modern design trends. As its name suggests, the border trim is linear, clean and flat. Aesthetically, the tile trim is a perfect fit for many of the brassware and furniture trends seen in chic hotels and homes alike. The wide range of colour choices enables the design to gel around the room, taking accents from various design elements and harmonising the final result.

Make your statement

Widths of 17.5mm to a striking 50mm, give plentiful opportunity to match in with the requirements of the décor. A slight hint with the narrower listello, gives a subtle visual break, up to a bold 50mm polished option, to bring the eye into the wall's centre.

Discover More

PRO-bord flat is available in the following widths: 17.5mm, 23mm, 30mm & 50mm. All supplied in lengths of 2500mm as standard.

Super Mirror Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel

Satin Nickel (Anodised), Copper Powder Coated, Satin (Anodised), Satin Black (Anodised), Polished Nickel (Anodised), Polished Chrome (Anodised), Polished Brass (Anodised), Polished Black (Anodised), Brushed Nickel (Anodised), Brushed Chrome (Anodised), Brushed Brass (Anodised)

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