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Pro-stair basic

Stair Tile Edge Trims

PRO-stair basic protects the edges of ceramic tiles and can reduce the risk of a slip or trip injury.

PRO-stair basic is a stair-nosing profile which is applied after tile installation.

Simple to Install

The product protects the edges of ceramic tiles and reduces the risk of a slip or trip injury. The profile includes countersunk holes for ease of installation. The countersunk holes have been drilled before surface treatment to reduce the risk of corrosion in exposed areas. This simple solution makes PRO-stair basic far more resistant to corrosion than most other stair nosing profiles in the marketplace.

More than just an Aluminium angle

Specially designed for stair nosing, PRO-stair basic has been profiled with a grooved top facet, to increase grip on each of the steps leading-edge. As a genuine retrofitting product, there needs to be a mechanical fixing applied for long-lasting service. Ensuring the fixing holes are pre-drilled before the surface treatment ensures that even the unseen areas under the screw head are protected.

Out of sight, in this case, is definitely out of mind!

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PRO-stair basic is available in the following size: 40mm x 22mm. All supplied in lengths of 2500mm as standard.

Pre-drilled for ease of installation, corrosion resistant, manufactured from high-quality aluminium.

Satin (Anodised), Polished Chrome (Anodised).

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