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Stair Tile Trims

PRO-stair is a stair-nosing profile which is applied during tile installation.

PRO-stair is a stair-nosing profile specifically used in tiled stairways.


Without suitable nosing protection on tiled stair installations, significant damage can occur on the tiles' edges. Also, cleaning or rain ingress can cause floors to become wet, resulting in potential injury due to the slippery surface. PRO-stair is a profiled tile trim which protects the ceramic ends and decreases the risk of injury. Our tile trims' corrosion resistance is higher than other products on the market; therefore, it is suitable for outdoor use.

The design of PRO-stair gives all of the benefits explained above, with one significant addition. The engineering of PRO-stair provides unparalleled stability to the leading edge of the tiled step. Tying in both ends of the stair tiles, the riser and the tread within the profile design, improves the installation's rigidity.

Water Ingress

The design also helps prevent water ingress into the joints and ultimately, behind the tiles. Wet mopping or rainwater in the area can cause pooling on the tread, PRO-stair encapsulates the tile ends increasing the seal length by at least double. Also, having the sealing medium inside the aluminium ensures that there isn't any damage during general use. Preventing water from creeping behind the tiles keeps the structure free from damp and mould issues associated with unsealed, unprotected areas, that are often in contact with moisture.

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PRO-stair is available in the following thicknesses: 8mm, 10mm & 12.5mm. All supplied in lengths of 2500mm as standard.

Anodised for wear resistance, three sizes available, manufactured from aluminium.

No accessories are required for this product range.

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