Our tile stair edging products create a clean and highly functional addition to tiled stairways.

Tile Stair Nose Trims

Tiled staircases are hard-wearing and easy to clean, but each step's leading-edge is left vulnerable to damage from foot traffic.

Our stair nosing design provides a neat outside angle and protection from chips and adds grip, preventing slips and falls. Tile edge trims of this nature form part of a complete tiling installation or are retrofitted due to the product's utilisation not being considered at the initial phase.

Protection & Safety

In a public space, stair nosings not only guard against damage, help prevent slips but also highlight the edge of the step; this can be especially useful to those with visual impairment. Used with a contrasting riser will hugely assist in this, enabling safe ascent for all.

Wet steps are a safety concern, even with slip-resistant tiles, scoring high on wet pendulum tests. The addition of a stair nosing creates an added area of grip, aiding in the avoidance of slips, which on stairs is paramount to health and safety.

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About Smiths PRO-trim

Smiths PRO-trim is part of Smiths Building SystemsAt Smiths PRO-trim we are focused on producing the most aesthetic, versatile and practical range of tile trims from the fewest number of profiles, to help our users, installers and distributors alike.

As an integral part of Smiths Building Systems, we are backed by our parent company, Smiths Metal Centres Limited, who are one of Europe's leading stockholders of non-ferrous engineering materials and high performance plastics. We capitalise on our unrivalled expertise in stockholding and distribution to offer a fast and reliable response to all your requirements, whatever the size and complexity of your enquiry.

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Key Features

Stair edge protection, uniformed finish, extra wear protection, accentuates the stair edge, anti-slip characteristics.

We utilise the power of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform which includes a fully embedded quality management system to offer our customers the highest level of customer service and order fulfilment.

We offer our stair nose product range in high-quality aluminium alloy.