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Smiths PRO-office specialises in supplying partition wall and door systems to the office fit-out market.

Smiths PRO-trim is a stockist and supplier of tile trim products. Our extensive stock is available for direct purchase or via our UK-wide distribution network.

Hi Tack Tape


Hi tack tape is the ideal tape product for partition walls.

The PRO-office partitioning system uses hi-tack tape in two different thicknesses depending on your requirements. Our tape plays a critical part in the installation of our banded glazing system. We also stock a range of acoustic tapes in various sizes.

Banded Glazing Tape

Our banded glazing tape works in combination with our PRO-office SG sing glazed partitioning system. It is available in 2 thicknesses. Depending on your requirements, we can supply this product in either 0.5mm or 1mm thicknesses. Both sizes come on coils that are 33 metres in length and 19mm wide. When installed following our installation instructions, the tape provides a strong bond and will easily hold the aluminium banded glazing section in place.

Acoustic Foam Tape

Our acoustic PVC foam tape minimises sound transference after glazed partitioning system installation. Our foam tape comes in a range of sizes and thicknesses to allow you to achieve several different acoustic ratings. The different sizes include AS100 (4.5mm x 20mm x 15 metres in length) in a grey finish, AS200 (3mm x 16mm x 25 metres in length) also in grey, and AS300 (12mm x 12mm x 6 metres in length) in black. All of our tapes are of the highest quality, offering a high adhesion level and are quick and easy to install.

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We offer rapid lead times on all our products. Whether it's a new project or spares or replacements, we quickly and efficiently accommodate our customers.

We utilise our Group's Bespoke IT platform, which performs thousands of individual checks to ensure that your orders are processed accurately.

When a standard stocked product won't do, we offer the flexibility to customise our products to meet your individual needs. We also provide bespoke supply chain solutions for our customers, which save you time and money.

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