Tech panel for glazed partitioning

Introducing our tech panel

Utilisation of meeting rooms, within the modern office becomes increasingly common, the booking system for these precious resources can remain outdated.

Our tech panels fully integrate into our double glazed systems, allowing you to have the booking, locking, lighting and climate controls, at the door! Just add your own touch panel. Wiring is completely encapsulated within the panel, leaving a clean, sleek and professional finish.

With this being a touch point, we have incorporated a matt, anti-fingerprint, soft touch range of finishes, to complement your chosen décor. There’s even some nano-tech magic included, allowing for thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches. Leading to the panel looking its best, long term.

Tech Panel uses

  • Room diary booking system. Add your own, compatible touchscreen, to quickly see open time slots and book, right at the door.

  • Security. RF fob integration, allowing only authorised access to the area.

  • Lighting controls. Glazed areas can often have the switches a long way from the door.

  • Climate control. Set the preferred atmosphere for your meeting, as you enter.

All cables are housed within the void, between the front and rear panels, creating a seemless installation.


We offer a standard range of finishes, with additional options to special order.

Neutral tones from white to black, through beiges and greys.

Complement or contrast our stocked frame finishes, or pick a perfect décor to suit your bespoke frame colour.