Our transition tile trims provide a clean transition between different surfaces.

Tile Transitions

Not all surfaces are tiled, so at some point, there is a need to transition from tile to another floor covering. Be that tile to wood, tile to carpet or even tile to tile, of a different style, design or thickness.

Transition trims serve two primary purposes; to create a smoother transition between two materials of differing thickness resulting in a ramp rather than a step. The second is a visual break, framing or clear division of two surfaces which removes tripping points as the border between materials is clearly defined.

Ingenious Design

Our range of transition profiles have been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and are manufactured in various widths to accommodate a broad range of level variations. Due to the variety of product widths we produce, you do not have to use wider trims that may impact overall aesthetics, especially in areas where the difference in levels is only subtle.

As with most PRO-trim products, our transition range is manufactured from high-grade aluminium alloys and provides superior wear resistance and durability and gives our customers total design flexibility. We offer two transition trim products, PRO-trans and PRO-suit - we advise how to create transitions between surfaces with full technical details.

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About Smiths PRO-trim

Smiths PRO-trim is part of Smiths Building SystemsAt Smiths PRO-trim we are focused on producing the most aesthetic, versatile and practical range of tile trims from the fewest number of profiles, to help our users, installers and distributors alike.

As an integral part of Smiths Building Systems, we are backed by our parent company, Smiths Metal Centres Limited, who are one of Europe's leading stockholders of non-ferrous engineering materials and high performance plastics. We capitalise on our unrivalled expertise in stockholding and distribution to offer a fast and reliable response to all your requirements, whatever the size and complexity of your enquiry.

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Key Features

Floor tiles to wood flooring, wood flooring to vinyl, floor tiles to laminate flooring, floor tiles to carpet, floor tiles to vinyl, floor tiles to floor tiles.

We utilise the power of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform which includes a fully embedded quality management system to offer our customers the highest level of customer service and order fulfilment.

We offer our product range in high-quality aluminium and stainless steel.