Quality is an important aspect of everything we do

A Question of Quality

Quality is often an unsubstantiated claim. Many companies state they offer the highest quality and care levels without the ability to back up such a bold statement. At Smiths Building Systems, we do not just make such claims - we prove them.

At the heart of our business is a quality management system that is fully embedded into our bespoke IT platform. Not only is our QMS robust, rigorously tested and built specifically for purpose - it also meets the requirements of our customers most demanding applications.

Outstanding Accuracy

When you place an order with us, our systems perform hundreds of individual checks to ensure that your purchase is processed accurately and quickly; this attention to detail promotes order fulfilment to the highest possible standards. We continually refine our system processes to eliminate any ambiguity.

We focus heavily on the traceability of our products too. We utilise a barcoding system where all products are uniquely traceable while under our care.