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Smiths PRO-office specialises in supplying partition wall and door systems to the office fit-out market.

Smiths PRO-trim is a stockist and supplier of tile trim products. Our extensive stock is available for direct purchase or via our UK-wide distribution network.

Soundproof Doors

Double Glazed Doors

Soundproof glass partitions from Smith Building Systems.

Technically there is no such thing as soundproof glazed partitioning. However, increased acoustic ratings for structures are possible by implementing innovations at the design stage, which reduces sound transfer.

For example, the glass used in our partitioning systems keeps noise levels to a minimum.

System Acoustic Ratings

PRO-Office SG single glazed offers an acoustic rating from 40 Rw dB to 41 Rw dB, while PRO-Office DG double glazed offers an acoustic rating from 40 Rw dB to 41 Rw dB. Both the single glazed system and the double glazed system have undergone rigorous acoustic testing - datasheets and certificates for both partitioning systems are available.

Door Acoustic Ratings

As well as our partitioning systems, our Ultima single glazed and double glazed are also acoustically tested. Ultima Single Glazed Doors offer an acoustic rating from 40 Rw dB to 41 Rw dB, while Ultima Double Glazed Doors offer 40 Rw dB to 41 Rw dB. To ensure you can achieve the best possible acoustic performance possible, we also stock a range of acoustic foam tapes to complement our partition systems. We are also able to offer the option of acoustic self-levelling drop-down seals fitted into our doors, helping you to reduce the transfer of sound even further.

Discover More

All our doors are manufactured to your size requirements, and we also offer a range of finishing options too, including the entire spectrum of RAL colours and even anodising options.

We offer rapid lead times on all our products. Whether it's a new project or spares or replacements, we quickly and efficiently accommodate our customers.

We utilise our Group's Bespoke IT platform, which performs thousands of individual checks to ensure that your orders are processed accurately.

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