Smiths Building Systems

Smiths Building Systems consists of two primary businesses - Smiths PRO-office and Smiths-PRO-trim.

We are part of the Smiths Metal Centres Group, one of the UK's leading stockholders of engineering raw materials who specialise in the supply of non-ferrous alloys and engineering plastics.

Case Studies

Improving your supply chain

Change the way your supply chain functions - partner with Smiths Building Systems

Smiths Business Systems is a relatively new company. For this reason, we do not have specific case studies yet relating to how a bespoke supply solution functions in the 'real world'.

However, our parent company Smiths Metal Centres, has many bespoke supply packages in place, from general engineering businesses to high-technology customers.

Below is a theoretical case study of how a customised supply solution could function with an existing business. Note that the information included is fictional, but the benefits are real and proven based on other supply packages currently in place.

A case study in theory

Theroretical details of a bespoke supply solution in practice with an existing Smiths Building Systems customer who operates in the office fit-out market.

Customer stores area removed, with Smiths Building Systems becoming the dedicated stock centre for partitions and doors
Costs of stores personnel, administration and maintenance are removed
Products delivered direct to customer and booked in using our barcoding system
Interfacing with business systems allows the customer to view stock, incoming purchase orders and place their own orders
Customer achieves all this using their own part numbers and bespoke labelling
In the real Smiths Metal Centres case study, the customer has confirmed that their bespoke supply solution has already saved the company £1.2 million per annum. This figure continues to grow...

Key Features

A bespoke supply solutions from Smiths Building Systems can be anything you want it to be. We can manage the entire process or simply implement basic solutions such as using your own part numbers and labelling.

By getting to understand your business, we will seamlessly implement supply chain solutions which will have a significant impact on supply chain performance.

We manage the through costs of your business to make you supply chain more cost-effective. Our services improve profitability and performance.

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