Our range of double glazed industrial style partitioning.

DG60 Banded Industrial Style Partition

The latest addition to the Smiths Building Systems range of partitioning systems is the DG60 range. Designed to have an industrial office partition look and feel.

A working environment that encourages lots of natural light allows you to create an area that promotes productive workflow and the well-being of all who use the space. With the DG60 Partitioning system, you can achieve the aesthetic of banded glazing quickly, affording you the industrial room divider aesthetic that is popular in most offices.

Why Compromise?

The most popular reason for installing double-glazed partitioning is to create a working area with the best possible acoustics. However, traditionally when installing double-glazed partitioning, achieving the look of banded glazing takes a lot of work. With the DG60 system, this is no longer an issue. The system has been designed to allow for easy and quick installation whilst enabling you to install both vertical and horizontal internal and external banding, giving the appearance of individual glass panels whilst reducing the installation time required to achieve this.

The DG60 system is a cost-effective, quick and easy-to-install double-glazed partitioning system that can take various glass thicknesses allowing you to tailor the acoustic requirements of the build as required.

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About Smiths PRO-office

Smiths PRO-office is part of Smiths Building Systems Smiths PRO-office specialises in the manufacture and supply of demountable partitioning systems and doors for the office fit-out market.

As an integral part of Smiths Building Systems, we are backed by our parent company, Smiths Metal Centres Limited, who are one of Europe's leading stockholders of non-ferrous engineering materials and high performance plastics. With innovative, cost-effective designs, we offer a range to suit all tastes and budgets directly from stock.

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Our single and double glazed demountable partitioning systems are manufactured with the customer in mind. Our glazed sections utilise an innovative design to reduce the number of panels required, saving installation time and cost.

Our doors are custom manufactured to suit customer requirements. We offer both single and double glazed options, which are supplied with slimline frames or frameless.

We offer a single comprehensive source of supply. Our partitions and door systems include various hardware, gaskets and ancillary products to complete your installation effectively.