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Smiths PRO-office specialises in supplying partition wall and door systems to the office fit-out market.

Smiths PRO-trim is a stockist and supplier of tile trim products. Our extensive stock is available for direct purchase or via our UK-wide distribution network.

Banded Glazing

Internal Banding

Internal Banding

Discover the trendy and functional solution of Industrial Style glass partitioning with Banded Glazing. This popular office partitioning option allows you to create a visually appealing work environment while maintaining practicality.

The DG60 double-glazed industrial partitioning system has been designed with internal and external banding, giving a seamless appearance. Due to its innovative design, this can be achieved quickly on-site whilst keeping the installation as cost-effective as possible. With our unique internal mullion bracketing system, there is no longer any need to install small individual pieces of glass or have any unsightly brackets on show. Leaving only a sleek and professional-looking installation that your clients will love.

The vertical banding strips have been designed to clip into place with hidden fixings. Our horizontal banding strips can be shipped pre-taped making the installation even quicker. However, if you wish to tape the banding strips yourself on-site, we have a range of different-sized tapes available for you to choose from, along with glass cleaners and primers if required.


Choose between un-taped or pre-taped, depending on your requirements. The system is held in stock, pre-painted and can be shipped to you or direct to site within 24/48 hours. Enjoy an innovative design that significantly reduces on-site installation time while providing a stylish aesthetic that doesn't compromise cost-effectiveness.

To discuss your requirements or how we can be of benefit to you, please call one of our team on 0121 803 9019

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PRO-office aluminium profiles are all available in the following finishes: Black RAL9005, Grey RAL9006, White RAL9010, Anthracite Grey RAL7016 & mill finish as standard.

PRO-office SG single glazed is able to accept glass from 10mm through to 12.8mm. PRO-office DG double glazed is able to accept glass thicknesses ranging from 6mm all the way through to 12.8mm

Our single glazed & double glazed systems are able to fully integrate with each other.

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